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Kichul's Publicized Escapism

...EsCaPe from REALITY...


How did you break up with Super Junior?
Name / Username
He is Heechul
Breakup because He saw you hugging Xiah but actually Xiah is in a trouble and you need to support him
how did he say sorry He said sorry to you in front of all his fans
This QuickKwiz by vluph - Taken 253 Times.
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Hmm...my biorgraphy...
As one can see, I'm a hanchul freak. It has extended beyond being a fan 0___0 Can't tell whether its a good thing or not. I enjoy writing fics, mostly hanchul unless I promise someone I would write them a fic of their pairing choice...except I prefer the pairing not to interfere with Hanchul lol. (yes i am a weirdo. ^____^)

I will mainly use this journal to write fanfics and my other stuff might be friend-lock or public...i don't know haha.