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007. Dark

Sungmin wanted out. He was tired of being involved. Tired of the pain, drugs, alcohol, and most of all, the dark.

They harder he tried to escape, the harder he was sucked in. He had tried committing suicide, but every time he attempted, something will happen to ruin it or he would just end up in the hospital recovering from a stomach pump.

He often wondered to himself, for what purpose does he live for? He had not family or friends there to celebrate his birthday or any other holiday. To him, life was just a slow death…however…he wanted a quick one.

Sungmin walked into a bar and drank as much alcohol as he could. He hoped he would die of intoxication…but he just ended up being thrown out of the bar for rude conduct. He stumbled through the dark alley and found a few men crowding around in the middle of the alley…blocking his way.

Sungmin shoved the one guy away and continued walking. He felt a hand on his shoulder and Sungmin turned around and punched him in the face. Blood trickled down from the lips of the man.

A metal object reflected a bright light into Sungmin’s eyes. With one swift move, the sharp object pierced through his soft and creamy skin. Sungmin stumbled back until he hit a wall. His breaths became short and inconsistent. He slowly slid down the wall and laid leaning on the wall. His vision became blurred. The noises around him slowly faded. The last sounds he heard were sirens and rapid footsteps.

He felt the blood trickling from his wound as he placed his hand over it. Sungmin chuckled to himself softly and coughed, so this was what it was like to die…

Sungmin closed his eyes…good bye world…

The boy opened his eyes and found himself sitting on a cloud. He thought it was just a dream until he found no scars near his stomach and he was wearing a white gown. A skinny, pale, and beautiful angel walked gracefully over to him and gently lowered himself onto the cloud.

“Who are you?” Sungmin asked suspiciously.
“I’m your guardian angel, Lee Sungmin. My name is Leeteuk or Teukie for short.” The angel smiled genuinely.
“Lies. It you’re my guardian angel, why would I be here?”
Leeteuk looked at Sungmin with those innocent eyes and whispered, “You seem tired…”
Sungmin felt tears roll down his cheeks. Leeteuk cupped Sungmin’s face and used his thumbs to wipe away the tears.
“Thank you Teukie.” Sungmin whispered in a raspy voice.
Leeteuk merely nodded and took Sungmin’s hand.

Together they entered the golden gates that stood before them.
Sungmin had finally found a sanctuary that would help him escape the dark.
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