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The Future

“Umma, I have something to discuss with you.” Leeteuk said quietly.
“What is it sweetie?” She said, slightly concerned by the tone of her son.
“If possible, could you give me permission to marry Youngwoon.”
“Will you be able to handle the hardships that come your way?” She asked simply.
“Y-yes.” Leeteuk stammered but his mother could feel his confirmation.
“Okay then, I’ll give you my blessing. I just hope you’ll stay happy.” She smiled at his son.
“I will umma.” Leeteuk gave her a hug and smiled.
The old lady stood by the living room door way, smiling. Boy do kids grow up fast.

Chapter 13

After days of planning and inviting a guests, the wedding day had finally come.
“Wow you look really good.” Heechul gave a thumbs up to the “bride” who was wearing a long white wedding dress that had long sleeves since it was already fall and the weather had become slightly chilly.
“Really?” Leeteuk blushed. He looked in the mirror and realized he didn’t look that bad though he wouldn’t have worn it, but after much force and threat from Heechul, he decided his life would be better off if he just listened to the now blonde dictator. “Are you sure Kangin will like this?”
“Positive, I’ve known for years and I bet once he sees you, he’ll want to rip that wedding dress off you and get it on!” Heechul laughed as Leeteuk’s shade of red became crimson.
“Jungsu, are you ready?” A soft voice asked as she came in.
“Gran.” Leeteuk smiled.
“Leeteuk, you look so pretty.” She held his hand and looked at him with her eyes twinkling.
“I’m sorry you won’t be able to have biological great grandkids.” Leeteuk apologized.
“It doesn’t matter!” The granny laughed. “As long as you and Kangin are happy.”
“Thank you.” Leeteuk kissed her on the cheek.
“Well you better hurry, I think Kangin might feel you left him at the alter or something.”
“Right.” Heechul said. “Let’s go, time for you to walk down the aisle.” He pulled the bride to be out of the room.

Kangin stood by the minister inside the little church that had aged for a while and needed a little fixing up. He looked at the audience which was filled with a few people which consisted of his crying mother and stern father, a couple of people from the village, Leeteuk’s mother and his beloved grandmother. The organ then sounded as the double doors of the church opened and there was Heechul and next to him was his bride to be. Leeteuk looked gorgeous as he walked down the carpet. He shook a little but Heechul comforted him by patting his hand.
“Relax, it’s your big day.” Heechul whispered in his soothing voice.
“You’re right.” He stopped shaking and walked with more confidence.
Heechul finally let go of Leeteuk’s hand and handed him over to Kangin who was glowing with happiness. People could be heard sobbing and blowing their noses.
“We shall begin.” The minister smiled at the groom and bride. “Do you, Kim Youngwoon, take Park Jungsu to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health ‘till death do you part?”
Kangin took a look at the blushing bride and said confidently. “I do.”
“Do you, Park Jungsu, take Kim Youngwoon to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health ‘till death do you part?”
“I do.” Leeteuk whispered quietly.
“Very well, by the power invested in me by the church and the country of Korea, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The minister said to Kangin. Kangin gave a huge grin and kissed Leeteuk on the lips. Leeteuk wished time would stop but sadly time couldn’t be controlled.

Afterwards, there was a feast filled with plenty of food that the villagers had all made. Leeteuk looked at the ring on his left hand and smiled. Kangin kissed him on the cheek and took a sip of wine.
“Let’s take a picture.” The photographer suggested. He took a group picture and smiled. “Great, now with just the groom and bride.”
Leeteuk felt a little woozy, it was probably from the wine.
“Okay smile! Wait, let me put on the flash.” The photographer took a picture and a white light flashed.

“Leeteuk!” Kangin shouted as Leeteuk fainted in his arms. “Quick! Call the doctor!” Kangin shouted.

~ Ten years later~

“Hi Jungsu, how have you been?” The doctor asked the patient who sat in bed looking outside.
“Oh, I didn’t see you there, hello doctor.” Leeteuk greeted him cheerfully.
“So how is everything okay?”
“Um..kind of. Well yesterday, I dreamt of a wedding with me as a bride but I couldn’t see his face.”
“Do you remember who he is?” The doctor asked as he took the picture of Kangin and Leeteuk from the window sill and showed it to the patient.
Leeteuk furrowed his brows but sighed. “Sorry doctor, I don’t know him.”
“It’s alright, just get some rest. I heard someone is visiting you today.”
“Yes!” Leeteuk smiled. “I’m so excited.”
He laughed and was about to leave.
“Sunsaengnim!” Leeteuk called out.
“Yes?” He turned around.
“Don’t the cherry blossoms look beautiful today.” Leeteuk smiled happily as he looked outside and saw the pink tree blossoming with flowers.
“yes, they are certainly beautiful.” He smiled.
“Good bye!” He waved.
“Bye Jungsu.” He closed the door and was startled to see an old woman in front of him.
“Youngwoon ah.” She greeted.
“Oh, hello omoni.” He smiled at her painfully.
“I don’t want to see you like this.” She said. “Why don’t you date someone else.”
“If I could, I would but I can’t.” He smiled bitterly. “I have fallen for your son.”
“I’m sorry.” She wiped her tears. “If only you had never met him.”
“Doctor, we must go, there is an Alzheimer research meeting today.” A doctor interrupted. “Sorry ma’am, but Dr. Kim must go.”
“I’ll talk to you later omoni, tell me what Leeteuk says today.” Kangin smiled and left. He didn’t regret meeting Leeteuk, after all, Leeteuk was his love...his future.

The End
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