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008. Locket

008. Locket
Heechul rummaged through the drawers in Sungmin’s room. Time was ticking away and Heechul wished time would stop.

In his mind, he could hear the loud ticking of Sungmin’s pink alarm clock. He threw clothes onto the floor. He needed to find that silver locket! Sungmin had requested it and it was his duty as a hyung and a person to fulfill a person’s death wish.
Although Heechul had never seen what was inside the locket, as long as it was important to Sungmin, he would even go to the ends of the world to find it.

He finally found the locket and ran as fast as he could to the hospital. Cars honked and people shouted as he pushed and ran past them. There was not time for him to waste yelling back at the public…there was no time for anything. Heechul ran into the hospital and hoped it was not too late.

He opened the door to Sungmin’s room where he lay with an oxygen mask over his face. Sungmin’s bruised eyes slowly opened and looked at Heechul with gentleness.

Heechul slipped the locket around Sungmin’s thin neck. Sungmin reached out his sickly-pale and bony hand to grab Heechul’s hand. With the other, he took off his oxygen mask and mouthed the words “thank you.”

The ill boy then fell into an etermal slumber.

Heechul had tears streaming down his face, but made no sound. With a shaky hand, he opened the circular silver locket. He looked inside and he started sobbing softly and whimpered as if in pain.

On one side of the locket was a picture of him and Sungmin. On the other were the words written in pink…”Best Friends for Life…”
i guess this fic was was short though that's for sure haha
Tags: 100 suju fic challenge

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